In re Pre-Filled Propane Tank Antitrust Litigation
Pre-Filled Propane Tank Antitrust Litigation

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Important Update: Settlement checks were mailed to eligible Class Members on September 28, 2020.

What is this lawsuit about?

The class action lawsuit In re Pre-Filled Propane Tank Antitrust Litigation, MDL No. 2567, 14-02567-MD-W-GAF, alleges that defendants Ferrellgas Partners, L.P. and Ferrellgas, L.P. also d/b/a Blue Rhino (collectively, “Ferrellgas”) and AmeriGas Partners, L.P., AmeriGas Propane L.P., AmeriGas Propane, Inc., and UGI Corporation (collectively, “AmeriGas”) violated federal antitrust laws by conspiring to inflate the prices of Filled Propane Exchange Tanks by agreeing to reduce the fill levels of their Filled Propane Exchange Tanks and to allocate customers and markets between themselves.

Defendants deny that they violated any antitrust law or engaged in any wrongdoing, and contend that their individual fill level reductions, which occurred in 2008, were lawful steps taken by each company to avoid price increases to customers, driven by escalating costs for propane, diesel, and steel.

Who is included in the Class?

If you purchased or exchanged a previously purchased Filled Propane Exchange Tank for resale, between July 21, 2008 and January 9, 2015, directly from any of the Defendants listed above, you had a right to participate in the Settlements, and you may be entitled to compensation under the Settlements.

Please note that the Settlements do not apply to purchases or exchanges of propane tanks at retail stores, such as for home use.

What does the Settlement provide?

Ferrellgas has settled for $6,250,000 (the “Ferrellgas Settlement”), and AmeriGas has settled for $6,312,500 (the “AmeriGas Settlement”). The Honorable Judge Gary A. Fenner has preliminarily approved these settlements (the “Settlements”). For more information about how the Settlement Funds will be distributed, please see Question 13 in the Notice or on the FAQ page.




TAKE NO ACTION You will receive a payment from the Settlements if you are a Settlement Class Member and did not opt out of the Settlements. By participating in the Settlements, you waived any rights to pursue a lawsuit of your own against Ferrellgas and AmeriGas arising from or relating to the alleged conduct described above.
OPT OUT OF THE SETTLEMENT This is the only way you can file your own lawsuit or ever be part of any other lawsuit against Ferrellgas or AmeriGas arising from or related to the alleged conduct described above. As described in Question 20 on the FAQ page, if you opted out of the Settlements, you will receive no payment from the Settlements. 
OBJECT TO OR COMMENT ON THE SETTLEMENTS  Following the instructions in Question 23 on the FAQ page, you could have written to the Court about why you like or do not like the Settlements. You could also have asked to speak to the Court about your written comments or objections about the fairness of the Settlements at the “Fairness Hearing” on June 17, 2020 at 1:30 p.m., although you did not have to do so. If the Notice was first mailed to you in February 2020, the deadline to comment on the Settlement(s) or request to speak at the Fairness Hearing was March 30, 2020. If the Notice was first mailed to you in April 2020, any comment on the Settlement(s) or request to speak at the Fairness Hearing was June 5, 2020. Any objection had to be signed and had to include a summary of any other objections you or your attorney filed on your behalf to any class action settlements submitted to any court in the United States in the previous five (5) years.

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